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In this space I want to answer questions, and deal with issues that I forgot to mention or could not answer during my session

FIRST THING:  The best "final word" answers are found at  I have always gotten responses to all my emails and have fond them to be genuinely helpful.  I apologize for inaccurate statements I [probably] made at my presentation as well as on this web page, and I hope attendees got an idea of what Lon-Capa is and maybe even a couple of you want to get it.  I consider myself a low-level user.  I love the software, but realize I could be using it much more competently than I am now.

SECOND: Can you get it for yourself?  Solution #1 is to buy/build your own server and install it at your school.  It can cost less than $500 to do this, and once you have it, you have it.  You don't need a supercomputer to run it, so this initial outlay of money will last you a long time.  For some time I had [mistakenly] thought that free hosting to anyone was eventually going to become a possibility, but I learned on 3/19/05 that while the software is free, if you want to use it, you'll need to have a computer (server) to run it on.  Your ISD may have a machine they would put it on.  This is certainly do-able, so I hope you read on...    Solution #2 is to be hosted for a fee.  I know very little about this and you should click on the "hosting" link at the main site.


About me:  Rob Mock, physics teacher at Beaverton Rural Schools

In general what Lon-Capa is:  It's an  "Open Source Freeware Distributed Learning Content Management and Assessment System"  (It's a free program)
How I got into using it:  I took two undergrad physics classes using a predecessor of LONCAPA called Lecture OnLine.  I wrote a masters thesis about using it to teach my own physics classes. Later I was given the opportunity to use the new software (now called Lon-Capa) and loved it.
How I use it with my seniors in physics:  I use it as a course supplement.  Students get computer time about once a week to work on problems.

Things I wish I would have done at my session